Ostraveiro: What to do in Aveiro?

You have arrive to our city and you don’t know what to do in Aveiro? Ostraveiro gives you several suggestions to visit our marine.

What’s Ostraveiro?

When looking for things to do in Aveiro, our marine rises as a required destination. Ostraveiro is a true eight-hectare refuge – only accessible by boat- which once served as a saltern and now it hosts oysters, cockles and clams’ aquaculture.

The place with idyllic landscapes is the perfect setting for a contemplation of clear view over the Ria and Aveiro. An opportunity to relax in our hammocks our lounge area with a gin and salicornia or to know more about the production of bivalve molluscs with tasting at the end.

o que fazer em aveiro

What to do in Aveiro and in Ostraveiro?

Guided tour

Step on board in a voyage through the landscape of Marinha Passagem and in the history of this space once a sisteenth-century port for Portuguese caravels that transported ceramics to the four corners of the world, and that for years was also used to produce salt. In this tour/ visit you can also find out more information about the production of oyster and others bivalve molluscs as well as visit all the places reserved to the aquaculture of this species.

Guided tour with tasting session

To finish the visit with a flourish, let yourself be involved by the sea flavors of our oysters and salicornia. Enjoy this delicacy, raw or gratin on our terrace in the wooden bar over the Ria with a horizon of breathtaking view.


Bivalve molluscs lovers can just visit our marine to enjoy our place, individually or in group, followed by the incredible taste and freshness of oysters, cockles and clams.

Events and parties

Our place can host numerous events such as birthday and bachelor parties or themed parties with full capacity for 200 people.

For further information or reservations, visit our site ostraveiro.com/experiencias