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The Ria gives us a sense of peace and it is difficult not to fall in love with it. It's a gift from nature that you have the privilege of enjoying at Ostraveiro.

Our small hideaway is situated in Marinha Passagem, an eight-hectare property – which was formerly a salt pan - surrounded by the canals of the Ria of Aveiro and it is only accessible by boat.



Production and exportation of oysters from Aveiro to the world.


Our oysters are triploid, of the sterile species Gigas. Because it is a sterile oyster, it does not spawn. They can be eaten at any time of the year.



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substitutos do sal


With unique natural characteristics, the Ria of Aveiro is one of the best areas in Europe for bivalve production.

In harmony with Man and Nature, the process is 100% natural and foments the region’s development sustainably. At Ostraveiro, we practice the aquaculture of clams and cockles. Whilst still in the seed stage, the bivalves are placed on the floor of the salt pan and grow naturally, according to the rhythm of the tides, which is reflected in their quality.

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